Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Emerging Technology Trend - Increasing your business exposure through the internet by repurposing your past marketing material

In working with my clients at FloodLight Consulting, one of the areas that we leverage is the Internet, so that we can get key information out to our target markets.

The internet today has become the main source of information for your clients. Your past, present and current clients may have found out about your business in any number of ways, including word of mouth, print or radio advertising and so on, but increasingly if potential clients can’t find you online, they might never find you at all.

Within your business and industry you have great marketing material and literature that is specially targeted for your market, so why not repurpose this information so that it will be accessible on the internet?

FloodLight Tip of the Month – Repurpose information on your Blog

Utilizing a Blog with key information for your target audience can be a very cost effective way to raise your profile and credibility. If you send out regular newsletters on specific topics for your market, you can repurpose this material on the internet and speak to your past, present and future customers.

Key Points: Probably the most important thing to do is to repurpose your present information.

  • It allows you to reorganize, reuse and redefine key information that you have targeted for your target market.
  • Blog Post – This is a great way to repurpose information.
  • Blog Post – allows you to control your own content and the story you want to tell.
  • Blog – allows you to express your personal view and raise your profile.
  • Blog- Cost effective Marketing with little cost.

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