Saturday, September 18, 2010

To blog or not to blog that is the question?

To blog or not to blog that is the question. In recent years Blogs have become an effective way of creating a dialog with your target market allowing businesses to market products and services to their clients.

Blogs allow your business to re purpose all relevant information that is subject oriented to your market and this sharing of information allows you to become the leaders in your field and utilize all the free internet tools made possible on Google to drive down traditional marketing costs.

Blogs allow you to:

•Humanize your company with corporate blogs. One or more employees, the CEO included, may blog. Corporate blogs require a level of transparency. As a result, corporate bloggers must have access to, and support from, senior management, PR, and legal depending on the business. A bike shop has greater freedom than a corporate banker.

•Build business or brand by connecting with consumers. Both small businesses and major corporations can use blogs to build closer relationships with their customers by posting relevant information that speaks to the needs of their clients

•Gather market intelligence. Blogs allow you to monitor the public buzz to determine how your brand and close competitors are faring. Knowing where, why, and how you’re being trashed (or praised) in a public forum allows you to respond appropriately.

•Engage bloggers by commenting on key business topics. Reading blogs related to your product or company to understand the blogger’s perspective and audience trends will allow you to strategically respond to postings to initiate dialogue. More genuine that a PR pitch, this approach can also help correct misinformation

A blog allows you to educate, support all your products, speak to your past, present and future clients and stay top of mind for your services while helping you to Build Your Business.

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