Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you and Expert?

The first half of 2010 is almost over and we are approaching the summer months.

This is a great time to access the first half of the year and review your business goals for the year. Are you on track? If not, Why? What do you need to do to ensure success for the balance of 2010 and the start of 2011?

I’ve had many discussions with Start Ups, Entrepreneurs and mid size businesses just like you who are struggling to find new leads, close sales and market their business.

When I ask if they’re experts in their field, I get all types of odd answers from, No!!!!!! To, well I don't have a university degree or even worse I don’t know.

If you’re not an expert in your field and fully confident of your products and service your potential customers will sense your weakness and not be moved to desire your services.

Many businesses are held back because key people in the organization lack the proper skill set to either manage their business effectively or they lack the skills to utilize new technologies like the internet to leverage their business.

To be a successful business today you need to continue the learning process and learn new skills. You are the key to your success. You need to have an open mind and become and expert in your field and the only way to do this is to continue learning.

To do this you must take stock of your business:

1. Write down the top ten must improve areas of your business for 2010

2. Now divide the top ten in to the following areas of Sales, Marketing and Business Operation.

3. You will notice that one area will become painfully obvious

4. Now go buy a couple of books to read in that obvious area. (Possibly Marketing)

5. Monday to Friday get up early every morning or shut off the TV early at night and read every day for one hour.

Five days a week for one hour. Take notes of the things you like and implement as soon as possible.

5 hours x 26 weeks = 180 hours dedicated to learning.

To really achieve any goal or to learn a new skill that is worthwhile, we need to discipline ourselves to keep it on track until it’s accomplished. There are several ways to effectively track your goals.

• Keep a list and review your goals regularly, preferably daily

• Break down a goal into actionable steps

• Break down a goal into quantifiable results

• Track a goal by the amount of time you spend on it

The investment in learning will pay multiple dividends for the balance of 2010 leading into 2011 and help you to “Build your Business”

Donald Robichaud is the President of FloodLight Consulting and can be reached at 250-768-9415

Donald Robichaud President
FloodLight Consulting - Build Your Business - 250-768-9415

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Learning Process

In the last few weeks I have been involved with the Training of many employees throughout the Kelowna region.

In one session we were doing sales training with the emphasis on accessing the customers’ needs and in the other session employees were improving their Microsoft excel skills.

In both classes the feedback was very positive and many expressed how confident they felt once the session was over and they had started to utilise their new skills.

In one situation the salesman was able to re-engage a national account, once thought lost and due to the sales training they have put this 250 thousand dollar project back on the rails to success.

In business we sometimes look at training as a cost to the employer rather than the benefits of the training and how it will enhance our performance as a company and return on Investment. (ROI)

In fact many businesses have no problem dropping $1000.00 to $5000.00 dollars a month or more on advertising with little results when all they really had to do was pare down their advertising by 20% and funnel the dollars into the betterment of their employees and improving company efficiency.

The results are ever lasting and generally the employee will be very thankful for the opportunity to enhance their skill set.

Fifteen years ago I was that employee looking for an opportunity to improve my lot in life. My employer invested in training for myself and others. At the age of 39 I embarked on a learning curve that has lead me to the present position as president of Floodlight.

It was not easy, but as I learned more I was able to move myself up the corporate ladder until such time I decided to begin my own company.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was given me to improve my skill set which allowed me to take better care of my family and my clients.

Learning new skills and enhancing old ones is the best way to improve your employees self esteem with the quickest rate of return.

Take a look at your present advertising and marketing budgets then funnel some dollars in to your greatest area of return, your employees.

Who knows, that salesman in cubicle number three may just be your next vice president and help you Build Your Business.

Donald Robichaud is the President of FloodLight Consulting

and can be reached at 1-888-768-9415 or at 250-768-9415

Donald Robichaud
President FloodLight Consulting - Build Your Business - 250-768-9415


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