Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well 2009 is over. Did you reach your goals?

Well 2009 is over. Did you reach your goals?

Each year, people make New Year’s Resolutions, only to find that they didn't achieve their goals, and then they make the same resolutions again the following year.

Regardless of the goal, one of the major reasons that people fail to achieve their goals is that they do not have a goal-setting process, or a formula for success.

So what makes a good goal? Goal setting provides a target to aim for so that you can make better decisions about how to utilize your time and effort for both business and personal achievement.

A good goal is one that is worthy of individual pursuit and is of course, highly subjective. So, far be it for anyone to define for you what your worthy pursuit ought to be! All goals, no matter what they are, start with a plan!

So what is your Goal-Plan? A good Goal-Plan is one that when followed, offers a reasonably high probability of success, given sufficient time.

Here are a few tips to get you started for 2010
• Identify areas of strength and weakness
• Create a vision statement for the year (What is your Purpose?)
• Determine which areas to focus on in order to receive the biggest payoff
• Set goals to achieve business and personal results
• All goals must be written (and reviewed weekly, monthly and quarterly)
• All goals must be believable
• All goals must be challenging (moving you forward in your life)
• All goals must be measurable and specific
• All goals must have a deadline
• You must hold yourself accountable for all your goals

Find other people to support and encourage you. It’s easier to make progress towards your goals if you have some support from a friend, coach, mentor, or a family member. Share your goals with them and the kind of support you desire so that they can help and encourage you to reach your goals.

This is a great way to begin the New Year!

With solid goals and a primary purpose you will be in a great position to “Build Your Business”.

Donald Robichaud
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reflection and Gratitude

This past year Canadians had to deal with an economy that was in a recessionary mode and we had to also watch many young Canadian soldiers passing away in Afghanistan.

In the Okanagan we had to deal with the summer fires and the downturn in the construction and tourism industry. Many families had to find a way to cope with layoffs and personal tragedies.

In the center of all this turmoil is the business owner who has to weather every day’s business upswings and downturns.

In our lives we get so caught up with the daily news and the negative side of life, that sometimes it’s hard to find the daily gems.

The little things that kept me focused this past year were the things that are most dear to me my family.

My father was declared cancer free after a battle with prostate cancer, my mother had successful hip surgery and is now moving around like a young school girl, my wife is in good health, and my sister just underwent successful surgery. (A family in the US would have been financially crippled.)

This past year I walked my youngest daughter down the aisle in San Diego with the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing below the Sunset cliffs. I was able to travel throughout the US visiting many spots that I had only previously read about. The visit to the Grand Canyon was the highlight of our tour of the US. My oldest daughter finished her education with her masters and landed a great job with National Resources Canada.

This past year I volunteered my time with the Chamber of Commerce and the Okanagan Mustangs and Fords club which allowed me to meet so many great people of the Okanagan. I hiked and biked many mornings around West Kelowna and I enjoyed many summer afternoons at various beach locations with family and friends.

It was a great year for many personal experiences and when it is all said and done I am thankful for the warm hand shake of a new acquaintance, the hug of an old friend and the love of my family.

It has not been an easy year, but when I reflect back it is those moments of time spent with the people that I care about that mean the most. I have been blessed with a healthy family, truly great friends and I look forward to 2010 with great enthusiasm.

This is an important time of year for reflection and gratitude and a great time to count our blessings.

I wish you all the best this holiday season and I trust you will reflect on those things that will allow you to build your business and personal growth


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