Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How do you want to be found on the Web? Google+ can help!!

At Floodlight one of the areas we focus on with Clients is their Marketing Strategy. Within the Marketing Strategy are Internet Marketing and the use of Social Media.
How do you want to be found on the Web?
Google Places has been one of the best kept secrets in Search Engine Optimization.
Many owners do not realize that they have a Google Places map on the web.  If a business owner has had a yellow pages ad or had their business included in a local search directory then Google has created a listing for that business.
If you are a new business owner your new website may not be enough to get you found and you will need to create a Google Places account.
In the first quarter of 2012, the only thing you needed to do to get on Google Maps was to claim your Google Places page, add photos, solicit some reviews, add keywords in your description and not go afoul of their guidelines.
Google is the internet’s “Big Brother” and just like in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Google is keeping track of your footprint on the web.
As of May 1st 2012, Google Local and Google+, its social media arm, has been integrated with Google Places.
What do you need to know about Google+ and the new Local tab?
Google has integrated their Social Media Google+ with Google Places to improve the user experience on the web and this will definitely affect search results in your specific local business area.
 Here is a list of changes that we have seen in a short period of time:
  • Google+ is integrated with your search results like never before
    • Google+ profile is topping search engine searches
    • The number of people following you and sharing your information will be very important to how you are being found
  • If you are logged in, your search will be personalized
    • This means you will see other people or businesses in your profile and their interest in your  search subject
    • Google+ Adoption- Random searches bring up specific people, places and ads based on your search criteria and habits
      •  Richness of snippets and mark ups on the search page -Google is trying to enhance your experience by giving you a plethora of options to catch your attention
      • Client and Customer Reviews - Client reviews or client testimonials will become even more important to your search results. The more reviews the higher you will be ranked
      • The relevance of your information - Your Brand and Name will become more relevant in this new search world
What does this all mean for your business?
If you have been using the internet the social media tools like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to push out your message than continue to do so but I highly recommend that you activate your Google+ account and for the next year also post your marketing information on Google+.

Google is making some fundamental changes to how we communicate and with the integration of their social media, they will continue to keep an eye on you and your clients.

If you are not presently on the web in any form you may be headed down the dark road of decline and in a short period of time not be relevant on the web or in the real world of business.
Google+ will influence your search parameters and also how you are found locally and regionally.

So add Google+ to your internet Marketing Strategies and continue to Build Your Business.

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