Sunday, July 20, 2008

Donald Robichaud - Business Coach - Defining your Mission Statement

Last month we discussed how to define a great Vision Statement. This month we will focus on the Mission Statement.

Mission Statement: Your Mission Statement is the route to the destination of your company; a particular expression of the mission that is specific to this business given its history, context and circumstances. It is a more practical focus on what the business does, and will do, than the vision statement.

So if the vision is your “Big Picture”, the mission is the “how we do it here”.

FloodLight - Tip of the month / “Five steps to follow when defining your Mission Statement”

Once you have clarified your vision you need to define your mission statement, which is a statement of purpose and function.
1. Your mission statement draws on your values.
2. Your mission statement must be future oriented and portray your organization as it will be, as if it already exists.
3. Your mission statement must focus on one common purpose.
4. Your mission statement must be specific to the organization, not generic.
5. Your mission statement must be a short statement, not more than one or two sentences.

Here is an example mission statement for a company selling energy saving products:
"By providing quality products, we empower our clients to become caring, competent, and environmentally responsible citizens who care about the air they breathe today and the legacy they leave behind for their children."

The Benefits of defining your Mission

· It focuses your energy and clarifies your purpose. When you try to write your mission statement, you will find that you have to really define what you are going to do. Many questions will come up that must be resolved. For instance, who will you serve? And, who will you not? Are you concerned about just your local area, or the whole count

· A well-defined mission can attract people and resources. A mission statement is not just for internal use. It is a beacon that will attract people and resources to your cause – a common goal. Make your mission statement compelling as well as clear. It will be your best public relations tool.

· It also enables a focused allocation of organizational resources because it compels a business to address some tough questions: “What is our business? Why do we exist? What are we trying to accomplish?"

Effective mission statements can be a great asset to an organization. When everyone is working together in a defined manner greater organizational purpose is achieved. A mission statement is a stepping stone in the strategic planning process. It is important that when an organization implements a mission statement they apply it to their functional strategies.
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