Monday, January 19, 2009

So business is tough!!

How many Touch Points are you utilizing to market your business?

Selling yourself, your product or your services, can be uncomfortable for some people, but for small and mid size businesses Marketing and Branding is one of the most important activities you will engage in as an entrepreneur.

Effective marketing and branding can make you seem as big, or as small as you like, and internet technology can help place you at the top of your market. That said a poor marketing and branding campaign can have just the opposite effects.

Many marketing and branding efforts are unsuccessful because they fail to incorporate all the various Touch Points of their business.

Some of you may not have heard of the term Touch Point. A Touch Point is any way that your consumer, or end-user, comes in contact with your business. It could be a webpage, a newsletter, a flyer, or from networking, to utilising the latest internet technologies to reach new audiences.

Marketing theory says that it takes, on average, between 5 to 7 exposures to your marketing materials, or Touch Points, before someone will even consider making contact with you.

There are three key points to remember when marketing and branding your business with your Touch Points - Reach, Frequency and Impact.

Reach means getting through to the right audience, in the right circumstances and at the right time. Where is your ideal customer likely to be (hang out, read, listen, watch) when they run across your marketing message?

Frequency is about giving the audience a reasonable chance for the message to sink in amid the clamour of everyday life. How many exposures or Touch Points to your information does your ideal customer need?

Impact speaks for itself, your message must have impact to cut through the numerous distractions and it must be presented at the most appropriate time. What message would your ideal customer be likely to respond to?

For 2009 ensure to check that every Touch Point for your business is utilized for maximum Reach, Frequency and Impact.

It’s a great way to ensure you maximize your marketing and branding efforts.
Do you want to grow and market your business — even in a down economy?

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