Monday, January 24, 2011 Always when I begin my speeches or my workshops, I tell the participants that I cannot instruct them to price their widget at $4.95. Rather, I plan to teach my audience advanced ways of thinking about pricing and several methodologies to help them make informed and intelligent pricing decisions. Don’t follow the crowd!For most small businesses, the everyday pricing regime starts with checking the competition’s rates and prices, and then following the crowd. This is even the recommended strategy in many popular guides for small business.During the days of prohibition, 25 of Chicago’s top bootleggers were rounded up in a surprise raid. During their arraignment, the judge asked the usual questions, including the occupation of each suspect. The first twenty-four were all engaged in the same activity. Each claimed to be a realtor. “And, who are you?” the judge asked the last prisoner. “Your honour, I’m a bootlegger,” he said. Surprised, the judge

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