Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Donald Robichaud -Testimonials do work!

When you’re selling, you’ll have to make a claim about your product or service to appeal to potential customers. However, because research suggests that people are reluctant to believe hype, it’s essential that you’re able to validate your claims in some way.

Using testimonials provides a perfect way to do this because positive statements from happy customers are much more believable than the words of a company spokesperson. By using a customer testimonial, research shows your business could increase by around 30%.

Do they work?

Testimonials may not seem like an incredibly powerful selling tool but when used correctly, they are extremely effective. By informing readers of the positive experiences your existing customers have had, testimonials lend credibility to your product or service. Without using testimonials, any claims you make will remain unsubstantiated and customers will find it hard to trust you and ultimately, will be reluctant to buy your product or service.

Target Marketing

It is very important to solicit testimonials from your target market. People want to hear from people in their industry. If you’re soliciting realtors to work with you then you need to have one or more testimonials from this market.

FloodLight Tip of the month

When you solicit a testimonial, you must remember to ask after a moment of satisfaction. This is the moment when the client has expressed satisfaction with your service or product. This is the moment in time when they are most enamored with you and your service.


Client says: “That’s the best service I have ever received.”

To Client: I am glad you’re satisfied with my service. Can you provide me with a testimonial that speaks to how you felt before you used our service, how you felt during our service and how you feel now about our service?

Testimonials do work!
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Donald Robichaud
Dale Lamb Financial Advisor, Kelowna British Columbia, Alberta

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