Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Local ad Link Kelowna Localadlink Canada – Opportunity or waste of time?

Last week I received many calls from friends and clients concerning a company called local ad link or

They are a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company from the US with a new opportunity that leverages the Internet to help businesses get found locally in the Kelowna Okanagan market place.

The calls I received indicated that the invitees at the meetings seem void of any true Internet knowledge. So I made six calls to local website development companies that I have had a relationship with and realised that no one from these reputable firms had been invited to any of the recruitment meetings.

Red Flag!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this week one of my clients asked me to attend a meeting with them to get a second opinion.

I must share with you that after the third slick video presentation I was ready to leave, and we did!

It seems to me that all the hype, plays on people’s ignorance about the Internet.

Everything that they claimed, can be done by an eleven year old with free tools offered by Google.

As far as a money making venture ....possibly, but for how long!!!

This is the advice I am giving to my clients.

Focus on your own business development and live your dream instead of a quick cash grab opportunity.

For further opinions see the links below.....

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1 comment:

    I've come to the same conclusion after listening to (of all people) a construction contractor try to explain to me how this whole system works.

    The funniest part is that nobody really seems to ask the question: "Where do I search for these businesses."
    The worst part is that despite the extremely high cost, people actually get convinced to do it.
    Absolutely terrible little scam...


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