Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ottawa Business Coaching

Ottawa Business Coaching

At Floodlight our Ottawa Business Coach  and Consultants work with business owners, executives, and senior managers to Assess their business needs, Assemble a comprehensive business strategy, and Apply tailor-made business solutions in a practical, day-to-day action plan.

Floodlight will help you to illuminating the dark corners of your business and to expose things that you don’t always look at closely enough. Our goal is to help you breakthrough your present situation, with actions to maximize your results and achieve a business turnaround..
What to do! How to do it! And When to do it!

What our clients like best is that we help to identify the inefficiencies or problems in their work flow, and set forth a plan that ultimately improves the success of the company.

Floodlight specializes in:

Business Coaching,
Business Development,
Web Content and SEO development
Debt Reduction and Profit Strategies in KelownaOttawaKingston and Toronto Canada.

To start  to Build Your Business today:
Please contact Ottawa Business Coach  Donald Robichaud at 613.466.0416  or email us (Click Herefor more information on how we can help you “Build Your Business”!

Donald Robichaud President
FloodLight Consulting - Build Your Business - 613-466-0416

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