Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Simple Business Card for Networking in Kelowna Canada

In this technical age with instant communication, cell phones, email, the internet, Facebook, Twitter and the like, it seems that the more people are into technology the less attention they pay to the old standby – the simple business card.

In a recent business meeting I saw people struggling to find their business cards, or even worse, express that they had run out. With printing companies located all over the Okanagan and with online ordering, how can you run out?

The business card is exchanged at the end of every introduction. It is your introduction to the world of doing business. How many people do you meet daily who can use your services? At every chance you get you should have a business card ready to hand out to potential clients. Networking with your business cards is the best way to add value to your marketing efforts and to stay top of mind with both clients and business associates.

A business card can help a person be recognized and promote the services one provides. Whether you are a one-man operation or a member of a large company, it has a few basic features such as your name, the company name and logo, and contact information including a telephone number, fax number (if relevant), web site and email address.

To make you and your company more memorable, you might include key words or a tag line that sums up your key value proposition. And when you order your cards, order in bulk. It will save time and money. There are three simple rules to networking with business cards for success:

Be Prepared - Never leave home or the office without your business cards. Keep a stack of cards at home, your office and in the car. For men, the breast pocket of your suit jacket, your shirt pocket or the right or left back pocket of your trousers. For ladies, a card holder may be preferable which is easily accessible from your handbag.

Be Alert - You will never know when an occasion to hand out cards to important people may arise. The person standing in line at the checkout or in the elevator might be your next biggest supporter and client. A simple networking event or your usual Saturday trip to the hockey rink may lead to doing business.

Be Remembered - You spend time marketing yourself and your company so that you look presentable to your clients. You should also do the same with your business cards. They have to look good and be worth keeping since this card will represent you whenever you are not around.

So never leave home or the office without your business cards. If your business card is simple and attractive, those who see it will immediately get your message and you will “Build Your Business"

Donald Robichaud
President FloodLight Consulting


  1. Great post! I have had the same experience, where people do not have a business card with them at a networking event, or they hand me a crumpled up, stained business card. To network properly, every professional needs a business card that captures essential contact information. This may be the persons first impression of your business so it should be a professional looking card.

    Further to this, your business card needs to be clear and straight to the point. The purpose of a business card is to direct people to more information about your business. Sometimes people try to put to much information on their cards. Great post Don. Great advice!

    Amber Knibbs
    Amber Graphics

  2. Don

    Good article. I feel like I've left my pants at home when I forget my cards. Might note that people should avoid anything smaller then 10 point font.

    Ken K

  3. Business card is the most important element of your visual identity.
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