Friday, April 17, 2009

Control Computer Clutter In Kelowna

Here is a great article from Linda Andersson of Orgainzing Help
that speaks to computer clutter- Donald Robichaud

For many of us, the computer is now where clutter collects. Files, e-mail, programs, videos, music, games, the list goes on and on! While this may take up very little physical space in comparison to other clutter, is the information you keep truly accessible when you need it?

We all know the feeling of searching for something on the computer only to find that we named the file incorrectly, created two or three copies, or somehow put it in the wrong folder. Below are a few tips that can help you take control of computer clutter:
  1. 1. Create files in your computer to match the paper filing system in your office.
    Use broad headings with obvious names. Think of the main folder as the "file drawer" then create subfolders from there.

  2. Computer files can be categorized into "action," "reference" and "archive."

  3. Do not get carried away and create too many levels or subfolders. In general, you should not build deeper than three subfolder levels.

  4. Create a standard method for naming computer files. For example, letters can be named according to date and/or subject or recipient name. Pictures should be dated and filed by event or subject.

  5. Try to limit the number of documents you keep in each folder. Create a new folder every time you accumulate more than 20 files. The fewer files you have in a folder, the faster a file can be found.

  6. Remember to periodically review, purge, and refine.

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