Thursday, April 16, 2009

Technology Enhances Business!!!!!

Spending money on technology is an investment, not a cost for business.
In the latest Microsoft TV commercial Sean Durfy, President and CEO of WestJet, is asked “how do you keep your vision alive?” He says with 7500 employees all over the US and Canada, “we can’t look at everybody’s eyes anymore. We now look at technology as a strategic driver of the company. If you don’t have that, you’re screwed brother”. Wise words!!!!

In today’s business climate, the business owner must understand technology and use it to their advantage to improve efficiencies and even expand operations. However, the use of technology should be balanced with your specific business needs.

Technology allows your business to reach a worldwide audience, yet many business owners take a very short-sighted look at their daily operations and how it affects their business model.
Let’s take a look at some of the basic technology tools to enhance your business activities, and that with a little planning, will take your business to the next level.

Your Computers: I recently purchased a Lenovo laptop and I am very pleased with its performance and it uses less energy than a desktop computer. Today's laptops are right on the heels of desktops when it comes to power and performance, and remember, you can’t beat the convenience. Being stuck in an airport for three hours in Vancouver can become a real pain, but with a laptop you are still connected and productive.

Backup Solutions: It always amazes me how business owners will spend thousands of dollars entertaining their clients but they won’t spend the money to back up their client’s data. Costs of hard drives and backup solutions are at an all time low, so protect your business. The losses of your core data will cripple your business for weeks and possibly end your relationship with your client.

Software: The most cost-effective time to buy software is at the time of your computer purchase. Microsoft and many other software providers offer great incentives and lower cost solutions at time of purchase, which in the long run will save you hundreds of dollars. The appropriate software will enhance your total operation.

Printing Solutions: Today there are many colour laser solutions that truly can enhance all your printed presentations. Company’s like Xerox and others offer an array of solutions for your business needs. I moved to a colour laser two years ago and recouped my investment in less than 4 months with better looking proposals and less time driving to the print shop.

Connectivity: I love the wireless age. It allows me to be mobile and stay in touch with my clients. I enjoy the convenience of sitting on my deck at home and being connected with my clients. I meet my clients at restaurants and coffee shops that offer a wireless service. For a few extra dollars a month your service provider will offer great bundle packages that will enhance your business, office, your home and your mobile experience which will take your business to the next level.

VOIP- (Voice over IP) Small- and medium-sized businesses have perhaps the most to gain from the explosion of new VOIP services. In one move, businesses can outsource their communications, doing away with clunky, on-site PBX equipment and reduce their monthly phone bills. For home business, Skype allows you to reach your clients throughout the world at a very low cost..... It’s free.

Training: So you have all this technology. Now what do you do? People always ask me “How did you learn all this technology?” I educated myself. Over the last twenty years I upgraded my skills by taking training courses on various programs like Microsoft Outlook. The investment has increased my knowledge, skills and competencies and helped to increase productivity and performance, while giving me more control over my decision-making process for my business.

Value added resellers - I like to browse the latest technology at the retail stores and ask about the products, but that is as far as I go. When I am making technology business decisions I like to engage the services of a Value Added Reseller, like
Voda Computer Systems locally, and others who will have firsthand knowledge of the best solution for my business needs. They also have knowledge of the best ways to keep my equipment running efficiently and they offer support plans to keep it operating for years to come.

You may be a small or mid-sized business but that doesn’t mean that you have to operate the business as if you are back in the Stone Age.

Get with it.

The key to a successful business is to do it faster and better – so use Technology to “Build Your Business”.
Donald Robichaud
President FloodLight Consulting
Kelowna, BC
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