Friday, February 11, 2011

Build Your Business – Defining a great Vision Statement So you need to ask yourself a few key questions:What is the purpose of your business? Does it represent your core values as a person? Does everyone who works with you know what your Vision is? A Vision statement is usually the first part of a three-part statement of purpose. The second part is the Mission statement, which is a concrete and localized statement of intent. Finally, the third part is the Values statement, describing the values that are important to the running of the business and that are implicit in the vision and mission of the business. (Mission and Values will be covered in the next few articles.)This week we will focus on the Vision statement.A lot of Entrepreneurs struggle with coming up with a vision and when they do write one, it usually sounds like their primary aim in life, the end goal.Here is a simple and easy guide to follow:Vision: the ideal destination. It is where the busi

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